Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy Systems Development CLEAN-kWAT

The project focuses on the 'impacts of energy systems including renewables on the environment and nature'. Target groups will be energy systems designers (engineers), mechanical and civil engineers and students in those depts. Since energy systems including the renewables have impact on environment and nature, the engineers and engineer candidates are lack of knowlagde on the functions of ecosystems and ecological mechanisms and the training materials and techniques are not inclusive enough, in addition to technical aspects energy systems design processes including the energy systems development, it is certainly required to integrate environmental concerns deeply as well. Along this line, it is aimed to train energy systems designers and students on the valnurability and fragility of ecosystems and nature.

The CLEAN-kWAT project provides a broader interactive e-based learning platform structured as a knowledge-based model for innovative qualifications designed on the principles of ECVET and EQF technical specifications, & includes sustainable environmentalist energy resources management as its core innovative element. This will enable the introduction of ECVET based learning information to Europe through a digital platform. The project will also increase the skills of the trainees through both published& electronic versions of the training program. It will improve the communication between people who want to act on the CLEAN-kWAT subject with the responsible EU ECVET institutions. In our project, common European tools EQF and the schemes promoting the cooperation in VET will be used. The project will offer a trans-European EQF-based training model tor teachers, trainers, learning facilitators, guidance professionals, school/institution managers & decision makers which can support & secure their competencies in applying CLEAN-kWAT materials and tools in their teaching, and be integrated in at job training sites. In addition, the project will support the development of innovative skills & an entrepreneurial expertise by training target professionals. In this project, besides a traditional text book integrating environmental considereations in energy systems development, a web site and an e- learning platform which uses the produced documentaries (short movies on the technical knowladege) within the project.

CLEAN-kWAT contributes to this development by the educational European Qualifications Framework (EQF) based model in energy resources management for VET professionals & is based on both Units of Learning Objectives (LO) & a system for qualification description. This will provide environmentally awared energy systems engineers with opportunities for future development & transfer of specialists at a broad EU scale. Given these changes in the structure of VET qualification description, CLEAN-kWAT work-related training in this sector across different EU countries will be strengthened.

Another aspect of the CLEAN-kWAT project is the transparent approach for organization of LO and creation of transferable Qualification dossier in accordance with EQF. Besides this structural novelty, the LO used as building elements of the model are enriched with up to date specific content having strong social & economic impact.
Thus the main project's focus is to develop and launch a Strategic Partnership framework in the field of sustainable development of energy supply sector with environmental concerns leading to the establishment of a joint trans-European competence based training VET model. The model will be based on an EQF framework & on established national models, methods & experiences in the partner countries.
The CLEAN-kWAT training model will be tested within the project in order to secure its ability to work in practical contexts in accordance with school curriculum & integrated in teaching subjects in different national contexts. Materials and learning platforms will be produced in order to support the sustainability of the developed model.