Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy Systems Development CLEAN-kWAT

Dissemination & Valorization

The impact on target groups are:

  • To get familiar with ecosystem concept and increase in environmental awareness
  • Provision of innovative ECVET-based model for description of vocational qualifications for professionals in energy supply sector
  • Introduction of the pathway for development of knowledge, skills and wider competence
  • Delivery of mechanism for transfer and recognition of qualifications acquired within formal and informal settings
  • Establishment of a model in mobility processes, thus promoting the process of transfer and work force mobility
  • Provision of innovative systematic approach (including green aspects) for design of VET learning pathways for energy supply professionals
  • Proposition of transnational ECVET-based study circles based on the learning outcomes and blended learning approach.
  • Delivery of innovative content in the field of currently important fundamental/practical knowledge within energy supply, with strong ecological (environmental) value
  • Implementation of energy supply strategy and outcomes into recognition of non-formal / informal VET and stimulation of on the job training;
  • Innovation of qualifications description of the target users with implementation of EQF principles;
  • Improvement and stimulation of mobility procedures through better green structuring, documentation and inter-European relationships.

 The impact on relevant stakeholders in clean energy supply and related sectors is based on:

  • Improvement the opportunity for training of VET professionals in the target sector
  • Improvement of R&D activities in energy supply sector for environmentally sound Technologies
  • Improvement of R&D activities for new environmental friendly energy resources alternatives
  • Establishment of a network for transfer of the results and provision of ultimate utilization of ECVET-based project outcomes
  • Provision of support system in terms of workshops, testing sessions and guides drawing on the staff development experience of all partners
  • Assurance of flexible basis for continuing education with quality enhancement in respect to the sectoral/national needs
  • Attraction of organizations from the related sectors in long term activities of CLEAN-kWAT in order to improve the employment and work-place training;
  • Facilitation and improvement of VET qualifications description process and differentiation establishment between different sectors and areas.
  • Use the learning outcomes based scheme flexibility for integration of already existing descriptions of learning outcomes;
  • Combination of European measures at sectoral level in the field of qualification frameworks description and certification process in green energy supply.
  • Supply of resources database available and adapted to meet needs of the sector

The CLEAN-kWAT project foresees to carry out the following dissemination activities:

  • Establishment of project web site and logo;
  • Development of a Facebook page of the project as well as to be on the Linkedin, Twitter, Flicker.
  • Provision of technical workshops at institutions outside the partnership
  • Organization of project seminars;
  • Development of network database;
  • Development of project DVD;
  • Convey the documentaries to you-tube;
  • Establishment of off/online strategy;
  • Elaboration of Intellectual property rights;