Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy Systems Development CLEAN-kWAT

Intellectual Outputs

  • National Searches in the Countries in EQF, ECVET of Clean Energy Systems Developers
  • Book on :"Integrating Environmental Considerations into Energy Systems Development"
  • Documentaries (short movies)
  • Knowledge, Skills and Wider Competences with Learning Objectives of the Professions
  • E-learning Portal with Energy, Environmental and European Components

The project approach to assemble a partnership on the basis of mutual cooperation between universities with formal/informal education settings, VET centres and SMEs, and to elaborate innovative work-oriented training tool provides opportunity to make education more relevant for environmentally sound technigues. CLEAN-kWAT learning outcomes based on b-learning model will contribute to the implementation of the “new skills for new jobs” strategy at national and EU level. This will be achieved through the knowledge part of the LO scheme, tackling the subject of energy supply as is a key issue of Turkish economy and society. Moreover, the introduction of competence based approach of learning is anticipated to change the structure of work power, empowering workers with green skills and competences, which both employers and society are looking for. Environmental awareness of the participants will increase. Thus, both economic and environmental targets will be reached at the sametime and national VET system will become more efficient and attractive for the beneficiaries.

The Consortium includes 8 organisations from Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Serbia and Germany. Their VET systems are characterised by the basic necessity of mechanisms and instruments for transparency of qualifications, matching NQFs with EQF system. The development of CLEAN-kWAT program, using the common descriptors Learning Outcomes as basic elements of Qualification Units, is the appropriate tool for piloting the proposed systematic model at different national levels. The performance of CLEAN-kWAT project exploits new approach for shifting of existing training to learner-centred one. This transformation of VET is outlined as one of the primary goals of EU educational system and is reorganized also nationally (to a different extent in the Consortium countries). The accumulation of such experience, especially in neighbours’ countries, is expected to produce an added value, since working power mobility and sharing of common experience ensure durable effect and practical application.